Precision PH Meter



PHS-3B Precision pH Meter is one set of 3 1/2 digit place of LED digital display pH meter. It is suitable for general lab in research, pharmacy, chemical industries, environment protection, mining industry etc. to test pH value and mV value in a water solution. If it outfits with ion selective electrodes, it will be as potentiometric titration analysis potentiometric change indicator.



Product Model


Measuring range

pH: 0 – 14.00pH, mV: 0 - ±1999mV (auto polarity display) Temp.: 0 - 100℃

Basic error of electronic unit

pH: 0.01pH±1digit, mV: ±0.1%F.S, Temp.: 0.5℃±1 digit

Basic error of the meter

pH: ±0.01pH±1digit, mV: ±0.1%F.S

Accuracy arity

pH: 0.02pH±1digit, mV: ≤0.1%(readings) ±1digit, Compound accuracy: ≤0.02pH/3pH

Input impedance


Ambient temp.

0 - +40℃

Relevant humidity


Power supply

220±22VAC, 50±1Hz



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