Polarizing Microscope



Ideal for college, secondary school and higher education, the polarizing microscope has diverse applications in the life and earth sciences literature.

Higher Education



On the basis of an ergonomic and stable OPTIM retort stand, you have at your disposal a real performing and precise polarizing microscope.

The retractable polarizer is mounted on light collector. The 90° rotatable analyzer is retractable to ease the conversion of "non-analyzed light" into "analyzed light".

Magnification range: x 40 to x 400. 


  • Equipped for the study of minerals in polarized light
  • Wide-field eyepieces compatible with the video camera and anti-mildew treated
  • Microscope also usable in histology
  • Ergonomy and robustness
  • Adjustment of the micrometric quick movement's hardness
  • Adjustable stop for slides' protection 


Head: Monocular, 30° inclined ; 360° rotatable, adjustable analyser, housing for accessory slides, retractable Bertrand lens

Eyepieces: 1 eyepiece x 10, wide field, with graduated graticule

Achromatic lenses: On inverse 4-place nosepiece - X 4 NA 0.1 - X 10 NA 0.25 - X 40 NA 0.65 retractable

Magnification: x 40 to x 400

Stage: Round, diameter 145 mm, 1/10 graduations on 360°, centrable by 2 screws and equipped with 2 clips. Stage's

locking by screw

Focus: Quick by pinion/rack, fine by separate micrometer screw with precision coaxial controls

Illumination: 6 V / 20 W halogen lamp with retractable polarizer

Blue filter and filter holder: yes

Condenser: Abbe NA 1,25 with 2 lenses. Controlled by pinion/rack

Power supply: Tranformer integrated to the base, 2 P + T

Light intensity: adjustable by dimmer apart from the switch

Quick movement's duration: adjustable by side ring

Stage's levelling: Vertically limited by locking lever

Supplied with: 4 accessory slides, 1 x 6 V / 20 W halogen lamp, 3 spare fuses, cover dust, blue and green filters

Dimensions H x L x d: 440 x 220 x 330 mm

Mass: 9.5 kg

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