Z1/EV 8 bit microprocessors


The Z1/EV 8-bit microprocessor board is an educational system based on the Z80 version of a microprocessor. It is designed for an introductory study of microprocessor and of 8-bit systems in particular.

The module includes all the components characteristic of this kind of system (Z80 microprocessor, RAM and E2PROM, keyboard and display, serial and parallel interfaces, analog inputs and outputs and a fault control system).

The system is equipped with a considerable number of digital and analog interfaces, thus enabling its application to different sectors.

The machine code instructions, representing the program to be developed, are usually inserted from the keyboard and shown on the module display.

When the applications to be developed are too complex to be performed with the on board peripherals, the system can be connected to a Personal Computer by creating a Development system with the following phases:

- Program writing into the PC in Assembler using a text Editor;

- Program compiling and linking for the machine code transformation made by microprocessor;

- Program downloading, via serial or parallel interface, into the RAM of the microprocessor system;

- Program debugging directly on the microprocessor module with the module hardware interfaces;

- Transfer of the perfectly operating and completely PC tested program to an E2PROM programmer for the definitive programming of the E2PROM and its insertion into the proper base of the microprocessor system.

Z1/EV is one of the experiment boards that constitute the Interactive Practical Electronics System – I.P.E.S.
It consists of a set of components and circuits for performing experiments.

The lessons included in this module can be developed in:

- Standard mode: using the switches of the equipment and consulting the handbook

- Computerized mode: the interactive software version of the handbook - SW-D-Z1/EV - interfaced to the module via Control Unit SIS3-U/EV, is used. This software inserts circuit variations and faults automatically enabling the development of lessons even without teacher’s assistance.

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