Basic electrical engineering box


The equipment enables the student to easily acquire a basic knowledge on electrical engineering, installations and electrical measurements. It provides the means to check the main laws and principles, thanks to the available electrical components, which can be interconnected in different configurations.

The symbols and electrical diagrams of each component are clearly represented on the front panel of the equipment for an easy reference. The connections are eased by the presence of standard terminals and by flexible hoses of different colors.

The power supplies necessary to the experiments are all included in the equipment, and have all extra low safety voltage to prevent dangers of electrical accidents.

The main exercises which can be carried out are:

- Voltage, current and power measurements

- Diode and filter rectifier circuits

- Ohm’s law

- Kirchoff’s and Thevenin’s principles

- Ohmic/inductive/capacitive circuits

- Study of the transformer

- Main lighting installations

- Acoustic and lighting signaling installations

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