Multipoint Petrol Injection


This Trainer offers a complete testing package for one of the most advanced multipoint gasoline injection and ignition systems for motor vehicles complying with antipollution standards.

This system can be used for the control of four-cylinder engines with sequencing fuel injection and static ignition, and it also includes an electronic unit connected with a multiplex CAN between dashboard and body computer, to minimize wiring and ensure a high reliability.

All the components of circuits and equipment are mounted on a large vertical panel of silk-screen-printed aluminium including:

- Diagram of the system for an easy location of its components 
and of their connections

- Test points (Ø 4 mm) on all the connections of electric 
components, for a thorough system monitoring

- Microprocessor fault simulator, designed specifically to enable the Teacher to insert various types of faults in the system and to assess the troubleshooting processes carried out by students. The system can restart its right operation only after students have typed the code of the faulty 
component using the same simulator. 

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