Binocular Magnifier


Double-illumination, x 20 and x 40 


This series is an excellent instrument for teaching applications at the secondary and collegial level and for research in life and earth sciences. 

Equipped with 2 low-voltage illuminations (12 V/10 W) covering the whole field, a base -integrated transformer and a double switch (ON/OFF, illumination selection), this magnifier enables you to obtain in a safe way: quick change of magnification, good quality picture and excellent luminosity for observation in transparency.



Their 45° inclined head enables a more comfortable working position

  • 360° orientable head for an observation in two-person team
  • Pair of wide field eyepieces, screw fixed
  • Objective lenses on parafocal mount on rotatable nosepiece for a quick change of x 20 and x 40 magnifications
  • Possibility to illuminate objects by incidence or transmission



Head: Binocular, 45° inclined, 360° rotatable with soft eyepieces

Eyepieces: x 10 wide field, diam. 30 mm

Interpupillary adjustment: 52-78 mm

Objective lenses: x 2 and x 4

Magnification: x 20 and x 40

Observation field: 10 mm in x 20; 5 mm in x 40

Working distance: 48 mm

Adjustment amplitude: 100 mm

Objects' maximal thickness: 60 mm

Stage's disk: Two disks, reversible black and white and translucent

Illumination 12 V / 10 W: Incidence ou transmission

Power supply: 12 V base built-in transformer, P + T lead

Spare fuse and bulb: yes

Base's dimensions: 190 x 115 mm

Height: 270 to 370 mm

Mass: 2.8 kg



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