Spectrometer SOFI


Advantages / strengths
Excellent price / quality ratio
Powerful and easy to use
Clever, with many accessories designed for your Training Program
Modular and scalable
user-friendly software

High sensitivity fibre optic spectrometer that allows to visualize the spectrum of any source in real time.

A 2 meter Fiber Optics cable is provided. Its connection system is fast, reliable and robust.

A fiber holder accessory, provided with a rod Ø 10 mm, making it readily available equipment on the optical bench.

User-friendly allowing you to view real-time spectra as a curve or line spectrum.

Cuvette holder and a filter is available as a supplement power to widen the scope of experiments.

Spectral range: 370-840 nm, resolution 1.7 nm
Integration time: adjustable from 1 ms to 5 s
Mounting type: Czerny Turner
Sensitivity: 0-3000 Abs
Accuracy: 1% to 1.0 Abs
Input slot: 50 microns x 1000 microns
Network: 600 lines / mm at 500 nm jaded
CCD: 2048 pixels linear
Interface: USB 2.0
Fiber Connector: SMA
Configuration: compatible Windows XP / Vista / Seven 32 & 64 bits
Updates: Free downloadable
- Optical fiber: length: 2 m Connector: SMA
- Fiber Support: SMA connector mounted on rod Ø 10 mm
Comes in hard case with manual.

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