Medilab's team has an in-depth knowledge of the industries it caters to as well as the competitive technologies and services available to these industries. Using this knowledge we look at opportunities from our client’s point of view to make sure that we are offering the best solution that a client can get.


MEDILab is a company founded in 1985 offering educational consulting services as well as procuring equipment and supplies for the educational sector. MEDILab lays the foundations for comprehensive school and university curricula through its vast experience in educational planning and organization. Furthermore, MEDILAB equips schools and technical schools, colleges and universities with the necessary scientific tools and laboratory equipment that reinforce the bond between the industry and research sectors.

MEDILAB has accumulated three decades of knowledge and experience through its progressive roles in developing and procuring equipment and laboratory supplies for the educational and industrial sectors in Lebanon. MEDILAB has acquired national accreditation for its function in tendering contracts with the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry of State for Administrative Reform, the council for development and reconstruction (CDR) as well as other local authorities. Furthermore, MEDILAB has attained international recognition through tendering projects sponsored by multinational funding organizations such as the Islamic Development Bank, the World Bank, and the European Union.


As an educational consulting firm, modernizing scientific curricula is a cornerstone of the services that MEDILAB provides and figures prominently in how we run our business. MEDILAB harbors a knowledgeable educational consulting team unparalleled in the industry. Our experts consist of research counselors and academic professors with over 25 years experience in efficiently and effectively serving and advancing the educational sector.

At MEDILAB, we empower science by supplying critical products to industrial, educational, and governmental organizations; thus enabling researchers with the necessary tools to advance the world’s most critical research. We provide our customers with an expansive choice of premiere products, in chemicals, furniture, equipment, instruments, apparel and consumables, from a vast group of leading scientific manufacturers. Working with a diverse network of suppliers, MEDILAB implements a thriving procurement strategy that sources from the best and brightest in their respective industries. Our commitment to the advancement of science is evident in our responsive customer service, quick and accurate delivery and high quality products.

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